Finance Committee
(Subcommittee on Crime Victims Fund)
July 9, 2002 -10:00A

Crime Victims Fund
       ON:        Brown, Eugene Psycho Therapist (Family Violence
                         Services of Texas), San Antonio, TX
                  Carr, Verna Lee Advocate for Victims of Crime
                         (Victims of Crime, Service Providers),
                         Austin, TX
                  Clay, Annette Executive Director (Texas Association
                         Against Sexual Assault (TASSA)), Austin, TX
                  Ferland, Megan C.E.O. (Texas CASA), Austin, TX
                  Garison, Brenda Certified Sexual Assault Nurse
                         (Child Abuse & Forensic Services), Beaumont,
                  Kazen, Raven Director of Victim Services (Texas
                         Department of Criminal Justice), Austin, TX
                  Kessler, Miriam Supervisor of Verizon (Self),
                         Irving, TX
                  Lewis, Bill Publisher, The Keller Citizen (Mothers
                         Against Drunk Driving), Keller, TX
                  Montague, David Assistant District Attorney
                         (Children's Advocacy Centers of Texas), Fort
                         Worth, TX
                  Murphy, Sherry Financial Director (Family Crisis
                         Center), Austin, TX
                  Trinidad, Victoria (Texas Department of Criminal
                         Justice), Austin, TX
                  Wolf, Laura General Counsel/Chief Development
                         (SAFEPLACE), Austin, TX

  Registering, but not testifying:
       On:        Cleveland, Joyce (Victims of Crime)
                  Johnson, Dean Police Legal Advisor (Beaumont Police
                         Department), Beaumont, TX
                  Sager, Janice Victim Advocate (Self)
                  Vassallo, Kristen (Kirk Watson), Austin, TX