State Affairs Committee
January 29, 2002 - 9:00A

Interim Committee Charge No. 1 & No
       ON:        Behrens, Michael (TxDOT), Austin, TX
                  Caballero, Mayor Ray (City of El Paso), El Paso, TX
                  Callaghan, Veronica K. (Border Trade Alliance), El
                         Paso, TX
                  Clanton, Major Coy (Texas Department of Public
                         Safety), Austin, TX
                  Ed, Stuart (Sun Metro (El Paso Mass Transit)), El
                         Paso, TX
                  Flores, Mayor Elizabeth (City of Laredo), Laredo, TX
                  Gilyard, Roy (El Paso MPO), El Paso, TX
                  Harrison, Robert (Center for Transportation
                         Research), Austin, TX
                  Martin, David (Federal Motor Carrier Safety
                         Administration), Austin, TX
                  Moreno, Roberto (Transportation Committee for the
                         Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce), El
                         Paso, TX
                  O' Ryan, Anne (AAA of TX), Houston, TX
                  Reagan, Curtis (Dan) (Federal Highway
                         Administration), Austin, TX
                  Redwine, Augustin (Office of the Comptroller of
                         Public Accounts), Austin, TX
                  Reed, Eric (VOLAR Center for Independent Living), El
                         Paso, TX
                  Rivera, Luis (U.S. Customs- Customs Management
                         Center), El Paso, TX
                  Salinas, Robert (City of El Paso), El Paso, TX
                  Samaniego, Leo (El Paso County Sheriffs Office), El
                         Paso, TX
                  Stockton, Bill (Texas Transportation Institute),
                         College Station, TX
                  Wardy, Joe (Miles Group, Inc.), El Paso, TX
                  Wueste, Ed (TxDOT), Austin, TX

  Registering, but not testifying:
       On:        Aguilera, Manuel F. (TxDOT), El Paso, TX
                  Bennett, Jr., William C. (City of El Paso), El Paso,
                  Nichols, Robert (Texas Transportation Commission),
                         Austin, TX
                  Saenz, Amadeo (TxDOT), Austin, TX
                  Tures, Carol (El Pasoans Against the Death Penalty),
                         El Paso, TX

  Providing written testimony:
       On:        Randall, James (TxDOT), Austin, TX