State Affairs Committee
April 12, 2002 -10:00A

Interim Committee Charge No. 1
       ON:        Allison, Jim (County Judges & Commissioners Assoc.),
                         Austin, TX
                  Barr, Mayor Kenneth (City of Fort Worth), Fort
                         Worth, TX
                  Bass, James (TxDOT), Austin, TX
                  Behrens, Michael (TxDOT), Austin, TX
                  Brown, Commissioner Tim (Bell County, Conference of
                         Urban Counties, NASCO-North America's
                         Superhighway Coalition), Belton, TX
                  Eckels, Judge Robert (Harris County, Conference of
                         Urban Counties), Houston, TX
                  Ender, Lynda (Texas Senior Advocacy Coalition,
                         Senior Citizens of Greater Dallas), Dallas,
                  Gadbois, Glenn (Just Transportation Alliances),
                         Austin, TX
                  Greyson, Councilmember Sandy (City of Dallas, Dallas
                         Regional Mobility Coalition), Dallas, TX
                  Johnson, Chairman John (Texas Transportation
                         Commission), Austin, TX
                  Liggett, Judge Kenneth (Clay County, Cross Plains
                         Rural Transportation Council), Henrietta, TX
                  Lomax, Tim (Texas Transportation Institute), College
                         Station, TX
                  McCullough, Steve, City Manager (City of Irving),
                         Irving, TX
                  Morris, Michael (North Central Texas Council of
                         Governments), Arlington, TX
                  Nichols, Commissioner Robert (Texas Transportation
                         Commission), Austin, TX
                  Perryman, Dr. Ray (The Perryman Group), Waco, TX
                  Randall, James (TxDOT), Austin, TX
                  Thompson, Judge John (Polk County, County Judges &
                         Commissioners Assoc., Alliance for I-69, Gulf
                         Coast Stategic Highway), Livingston, TX
                  Toews, Curtis (Legislative Budget Board), Austin, TX
                  Wheeless, Commissioner Skipper (Runnels County,
                         County Judges & Commissioners Assoc.),
                         Ballinger, TX
                  Whitley, Commissioner Glen (Tarrant County,
                         Conference of Urban Counties), Hurst, TX

  Registering, but not testifying:
       On:        Box, Dorothy (Older Womens League (OWLS), Dallas
                         Chapter), Dallas, TX
                  Chron, Rick (Texas Towing & Storage Assoc.), Plano,
                  Lee, Jeanette (Senior Citizens of Greater Dallas),
                         Dallas, TX
                  Moy, Ann (Senior Citizens of Greater Dallas-AGE
                         Program), Dallas, TX

Interim Committee Charge No. 3
       ON:        Robson, Anastasia (Self), Cypress, TX