Nominations Committee
February 27, 2001 - 1:30P

Employee Retirement System, Board o
       ON:        Gallagher, Carolyn (Self), Austin, TX

Fire Fighters' Pension Commissioner
       ON:        Sandefer, Morris E. (Self), Lumberton, TX

Statewide Emergency Services Person
       ON:        Scopel, Allen J. (Self), Rosenberg, TX
                  Torres, Francisco R. (Self), Raymondville, TX
                  Weiss, Robert F. (Self), Brenham, TX

Teacher Retirement System, Board of
       FOR:       Baker, Mary A. (Self), Houston, TX
                  Ellis, Terrence (Self), New Ulm, TX
                  Wright, Linus D. (Self), Dallas, TX

Telecommunications Infrastructure F
       FOR:       Nelson, Mart D. (Self), Richardson, TX

Texas Commission on Human Rights
       FOR:       Banks, Mary E. (Self), Beaumont, TX

Texas State Board of Pharmacy
       FOR:       Anderson, Roger W. (Self), Houston, TX
                  Combs, Rosemary F. (Self), El Paso, TX
                  Peacock, Oren (Self), Sachse, TX