Nominations Committee
March 6, 2001 - 1:30P

Chief Administrative Law Judge
       ON:        Taylor, Shelia Bailey (Self), Manor, TX

Judicial Districts Board
       ON:        Wolfe, Joe (Self), McKinney, TX

North Texas Tollway Authority
       FOR:       Walls, Marilyn Kay (Self), Cleburne, TX
       ON:        Dillard, Donald D. (Self), Dallas, TX

Public Safety Commission
       ON:        Francis, Jr., James B. (Self), Dallas, TX

Secretary of State
       FOR:       Cuellar, Henry (Self), Laredo, TX

State Board of Examiners of Dietiti
       FOR:       McGahagin, Ralph (Self), Austin, TX
                  Wisakowsky, Eugene (Self), Waxahachie, TX

  Registering, but not testifying:
       On:        Flippin, Donna (Self), Austin, TX

State Commission on Judicial Conduc
       FOR:       Jefferson, Wallace B. (Self), San Antonio, TX
                  Olivares, Kathleen H. (Self), El Paso, TX
       ON:        Brittingham, Marvin Wayne (Self), Mansfield, TX

Statewide Health Coordinating Counc
       FOR:       Biggerstaff, Joan (Self), Plano, TX
                  Scott-Galinda, Susan (Self), Bryan, TX
       ON:        Endicott, Jr., James A. (Self), Harker Heights, TX

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
       ON:        Madden, Gail (Self), Dallas, TX

Texas Judicial Council
       FOR:       Carian, Delia Martinez (Self), San Antonio, TX
                  Lopez, Jose Luis (Self), Crystal City, TX
       ON:        Birmingham, Willie Jean (Self), Marshall, TX
                  Manning, Ann (Self), Lubbock, TX