Nominations Committee
April 10, 2001 - 1:30P

Commission of Education
       FOR:       Nelson, Jim (Self), Austin, TX

Governing Board, Texas School for t
       FOR:       Estes, Charles C. (Self), Plano, TX
                  Thomas, Lesa V. (Self), Corpus Christi, TX

Interagency Council - Early Childho
       FOR:       Fuhrman, Michael K. (Self), Carrollton, TX
                  Garcia, Maria D. (Self), Hereford, TX

Justice of the Supreme Court of Tex
       FOR:       Black, Michael J. (San Antonio Bar Association),
                         Helotes, TX
                  Jefferson, Wallace B. (Self), San Antonio, TX

Protective and Regulatory Services
       FOR:       Strauch, Cristina "Ommy" (Self), San Antonio, TX

State Board for Educator Certificat
       FOR:       Beck, John J. (Self), San Marcos, TX

Texas Board of Criminal Justice
       FOR:       Arriaga, Adrian A. (Self), Mc Allen, TX
                  Bacon, Mary (Self), Houston, TX
                  Crain, Christina M. (Self), Dallas, TX
                  Miller, Pierce (Self), San Angelo, TX

Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corpo
       FOR:       Langabeer, James R. (Self), Edinburg, TX
                  Miller, Jerry D. (Self), Canyon, TX

Texas Military Facilities Commissio
       FOR:       Perez, Jorge D. (Self), Mc Allen, TX
       ON:        Paret, Sandra M. (Self), Dallas, TX