State Employee Compensation and Benefits Committee
December 13, 2002 -10:00A

Employee Benefits
       ON:        Hymel, Ray Governmental Relations (Employees
                         Retirement System of Texas), Austin, TX

Employee Compensation
       ON:        Vito, Kelli State Classification Officer (State
                         Auditors Office), Austin, TX

Faculty Salaries
       FOR:       McReynolds, Jim State Representative (Self), Lufkin,

Optional Retirement Program
       FOR:       King, Larry President (Texas Association of College
                         Teachers), Nacogdoches, TX

State Employee Compensation and Ben
       ON:        McDonald, Wade Fiscal Analyst (Legislative Budget
                         Board), Austin, TX

State Employee Pay and Benefits
       ON:        Young, Bobby Associate Director (Texas Forest
                         Service), Lufkin, TX

State Pay, Benefits, and Working Co
       ON:        Cantrell, Terry (Texas State Employees Union),
                         Lufkin, TX