Senate Research Center   H.B. 3
78S10347 DRH-DBy: Crabb (Harris)


The 77th Legislature adjourned without enacting new congressional
districts after the 2000 federal census.  Ultimately, the U.S. District
Court for the Eastern District of Texas issued an order adopting
congressional districts (PLAN 01151C) for the 2002 elections.  The members
of the United States House of Representatives from the State of Texas for
the 108th Congress were elected under this plan. 

The 78th Legislature adjourned its regular session without enacting new
congressional districts. Governor Rick Perry called a special session of
the 78th Legislature to consider legislation relating to congressional
redistricting.  H.B. 3 sets forth the composition of districts for the
election of members of the United States House of Representatives from the
State of Texas. 


This bill does not expressly grant any additional rulemaking authority to
a state officer, institution, or agency. 



SECTION 1.  (a)  Provides that the districts from which the members of the
United States House of Representatives representing the State of Texas are
elected are composed respectively of the counties or parts of counties as
described by Article II of this Act. 

 (b)  Specifies that one member is elected from each district established
by this Act. 


SECTION 1.  Sets forth District 1. 

SECTION 2.  Sets forth District 2.

SECTION 3.  Sets forth District 3. 

SECTION 4.  Sets forth District 4. 

SECTION 5.  Sets forth District 5.

SECTION 6.  Sets forth District 6.

SECTION 7.  Sets forth District 7.

SECTION 8.  Sets forth District 8.

 SECTION 9.  Sets forth District 9.

SECTION 10.  Sets forth District 10.

SECTION 11.  Sets forth District 11.

SECTION 12.  Sets forth District 12.

SECTION 13.  Sets forth District 13.

SECTION 14.  Sets forth District 14.

SECTION 15.  Sets forth District 15.

SECTION 16.  Sets forth District 16.

SECTION 17.  Sets forth District 17.

SECTION 18.  Sets forth District 18. 

SECTION 19.  Sets forth District 19.

SECTION 20.  Sets forth District 20.

SECTION 21.  Sets forth District 21.

SECTION 22.  Sets forth District 22.

SECTION 23.  Sets forth District 23.

SECTION 24.  Sets forth District 24.

SECTION 25.  Sets forth District 25.

SECTION 26.  Sets forth District 26.

SECTION 27.  Sets forth District 27.

SECTION 28.  Sets forth District 28.

SECTION 29.  Sets forth District 29.

SECTION 30.  Sets forth District 30.

SECTION 31.  Sets forth District 31.

SECTION 32.  Sets forth District 32.


SECTION 1.  Defines "tract" and "block."

SECTION 2.  Provides that it is the intention of the Texas Legislature
that, if any county, tract, block, or other geographic area has
erroneously been left out of this Act, a court reviewing this Act should
include that area in the appropriate district in accordance with the
intent of the legislature, using any  available evidence of that intent,
including evidence such as that used by the Supreme Court of Texas in
Smith v. Patterson, 111 Tex. 535, 242 S.W. 749 (1922). 
SECTION 3.  Repealer: Chapter 7, Acts of the 72nd Legislature, 2nd Called
Session, 1991 (Article 197h, V.T.C.S.). 
SECTION 4.  Establishes that the districts set out in Article II of this
Act apply to the election of the members of the United States House of
Representatives from the State of Texas beginning with the primary and
general elections in 2004 for members of the 109th Congress.  Establishes
that this Act does not affect the membership or districts of the United
States House of Representatives of the 108th Congress. 
SECTION 5.  Effective date: upon passage or November 1, 2003.