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Amend HB 24 by adding the following new section, 
appropriately numbered, and renumbering the subsequent sections 
	SECTION ____.  None of the funds appropriated by the 78th 
Legislature to the Department of Licensing and Regulation, or the 
Commission of Licensing and Regulation, as created under chapter 
51, Occupations Code, can be used for licensing, enforcement, 
inspection or administration of any regulations developed under 
Occupations Code, Chapter 1202 pertaining to a commercial building 
or structure that is installed in a manner other than on a permanent 
foundation; and either:  not open to the public; or less than 1500 
square feet in total area and used other than as a school or place of 
religious worship, as added by Senate Bill 279, Acts of the 78th 
Legislature, Regular Session, 2003.