Amend CSHB 2292 as follows:                                                  
	Section 2.12. On page 70, line 13, insert new subsections 
(a-1) and (a-2) to read as follows:
	(a-1) The commission shall delay requiring a prior 
authorization for drugs listed in subsection (b) until the 
commission has completed a study evaluating the impact of a 
requirement of prior authorization on the recipients of certain 
drug classes.
	(a-2) Drugs subject to the study in subsection (b) include 
drugs used in the treatment of:
		(1) cancer and cancer-supportive care,                                 
		(2) End-stage Renal Disease,                                           
		(3) chronic non-malignant pain,                                        
		(4) hemophilia, and                                                    
		(5) multiple sclerosis.