Amend CSHB 2292 as follows:                                                  
	(1)  Strike page 80, line 14, through page 81, line 8.                         
	(2)  On page 81, line 9, strike "(e)" and substitute "(c)".      
	(c)  The program must include:                                          
		(1)  participant smart cards and biometric readers that 
reside at the point of contact with Medicaid providers, recipients, 
participating pharmacies, hospitals, and appropriate third-party 
		(2)  a secure finger-imaging system that is HIPPA 
compliant and the use of any existing state database of fingerprint 
images developed in connection with the financial assistance 
program under Chapter 31, Human Resources Code;
		(3)  a monitoring system.                                              
	(d)  To ensure reliability, the program and all associated 
hardware and software must easily integrate into participant 
settings and must be initially tested in a physician environment in 
this state and determined to be successful in authenticating 
recipients, providers, and provider staff members before the 
program is implemented throughout the program area.