Amend Amendment No. 49 by McCall to CSHB 2292 by adding the 
following appropriately numbered item to the amendment and 
renumbering subsequent items of the amendment accordingly:
	(   ) On page 63, between lines 10 and 11, insert the 
	(c) The commission shall develop consumer service and 
performance standards for the operation of a call center required 
by this section.  The standards shall address a call center's:
		(1) ability to serve its consumers in a timely manner, 
including consideration of the consumers' ability to access the 
call center, whether the call center has toll-free telephone 
access, the average amount of time a consumer spends on hold, the 
frequency of call transfers, whether a consumer is able to 
communicate with a live person at the call center, and whether the 
call center makes mail correspondence available;
		(2) staff, including employee courtesy, friendliness, 
training, and knowledge about the programs listed under Section 
531.008 (c); and
		(3) complaint handling procedures, including the level 
of difficulty involved in filing a complaint and whether the call 
center's complaint responses are timely.
	(d) The commission shall make available to the public the 
standards developed under Subsection (c).
	(e) The commission shall develop:                                       
		(1) mechanisms for measuring consumer service 
satisfaction; and      
		(2) performance measures to evaluate whether the call 
center meets the standards developed under Subsection (c).
	(f) The commission may inspect a call center and analyze its 
consumer service performance through use of a consumer service 
evaluator who poses as a consumer of the call center.