Amend CSHB 2292 Section 531.067 to read:                                     
	(G) The Public Assistance Health Benefit Review and Design 
Committee, using rebates obtained through negotiations required by 
Section 531.070, shall establish a pharmaceutical assistance 
program to provide discounted prescription drugs to Texas working 
families.  The program does not pay for any prescription drug for 
any program participant, but promotes the use of certain effective 
prescription drugs by enabling participants to purchase those drugs 
at a discounted price.
	(H) Subject to this section, a person is eligible to 
participate in the program if the person is a resident of this state 
		(1) is eligible for assistance under the Medicare 
program; or        
		(2) has a net family income that is below 200% of the 
federal poverty level.
	(I) A person may not participate in the program if the person 
		(1) eligible for assistance under the Medicaid program; 
		(2) covered by an insurance policy or health benefit 
plan that provides benefits for prescription drugs at a level at 
least equal to the benefits provided by the program, as determined 
in accordance with commission rules.
	(J) The commission may engage in outreach activities to 
publicize the availability of discounted prescription drug prices 
under the program and shall establish simple procedures for 
enrolling program participants.