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Amend CSHB 2292 by adding the following appropriately 
numbered section and renumbering subsequent sections of the bill 
	SECTION ___.  (a)  Section 531.101, Government Code, is 
amended to read as follows:
OVERCHARGES.  (a) The commission may grant an award to an individual 
who reports activity that constitutes fraud or abuse of funds in the 
state Medicaid program or reports overcharges in the program if the 
commission determines that the disclosure results in the recovery 
of an administrative penalty imposed under Section 32.039, Human 
Resources Code.  The commission may not grant an award to an 
individual in connection with a report if the commission or 
attorney general had independent knowledge of the activity reported 
by the individual [overcharge or in the termination of the 
fraudulent activity or abuse of funds].
	(b)  The commission shall determine the amount of an award.  
The award may not exceed five [must be equal to not less than 10] 
percent of the amount of the administrative penalty imposed under 
Section 32.039, Human Resources Code, [savings to this state] that 
resulted [result] from the individual's disclosure.  In determining 
the amount of the award, the commission shall consider how 
important the disclosure is in ensuring the fiscal integrity of the 
program.  The commission may also consider whether the individual 
participated in the fraud, abuse, or overcharge.
	(c)  [An award under this section is subject to 
appropriation.  The award must be paid from money appropriated to or 
otherwise available to the commission, and additional money may not 
be appropriated to the commission for the purpose of paying the 
	[(d)  Payment of an award under this section from federal 
funds is subject to the permissible use under federal law of funds 
for this purpose.
	[(e)] A person who brings an action under Subchapter C, 
Chapter 36, Human Resources Code, is not eligible for an award under 
this section.
	(b)  Section 531.101, Government Code, as amended by this 
section, applies only to a report that occurs on or after the 
effective date of this section.  A report that occurs before the 
effective date of this section is governed by the law in effect at 
the time of the report, and the former law is continued in effect 
for that purpose.