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Amend CSHB 2292 by striking page 80, line 3, through page 81, 
line 11, and substituting the following:
	Sec. 531.1063.  MEDICAID FRAUD PILOT PROGRAM.  (a)  The 
commission, with cooperation from the Texas Department of Human 
Services, shall develop and implement a back-end Medicaid fraud 
reduction pilot program in one or more counties in this state to 
address provider fraud and appropriate cases of third-party and 
recipient fraud.
	(b)  The program must be designed to reduce:                            
		(1)  the number of fraud cases arising from 
authentication fraud and abuse; and
		(2)  the number of fraudulent participants.                            
	(c)  The program must include:                                          
		(1)  development and implementation of back-end fraud 
detection technology, other than technology located or based at the 
provider level; and
		(2)  procedures and systems to identify patterns of 
fraud by Medicaid providers, recipients, or third-parties.
	(d)  The commission may extend the program to additional 
counties if the commission determines that expansion would be