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On page 81, in Section 2.18, amend Section 531.1063 by 
striking lines 9 through 11 and substituting:
	(e) The program must be evaluated by an independent entity 
and determined to be successful in reducing front-end provider, 
third-party, and recipient fraud before the program is extended to 
additional counties.
	(f) The fingerprint images obtained shall be stored only on 
the smart card developed under Subsection (c).
	(g) In implementing the program, the commission shall:                  
		(1) exempt recipients who are children, elderly, or 
		(2) obtain a fingerprint image from the non-recipient 
parent or guardian of a child recipient; and
		(3) ensure that procedures for obtaining fingerprint 
images of participating recipients and non-recipient parents or 
guardians are designed in a manner that gives consideration to 
transportation barriers and work schedules of recipients who are 
working parents.
	(h) Before extending the program to additional counties, the 
commission shall provide a detailed cost-benefit analysis to the 
governor, the lieutenant governor, the speaker of the house of 
representatives, and the Legislative Budget Board that certifies 
that the program will result in state savings relating to a 
reduction in Medicaid fraud.
	(i) The commission may not award a contract to extend the 
program to other counties unless the contract includes a written 
guarantee of the state savings certified under Subsection (h).