Amend CSHB 2292 as follows:                                                  
	SECTION 2.40. On page 99, line 25, after "under" strike 
"Chapter 1551, Insurance Code."
	On page 99, lines 25-27, restore " [the Texas Employees 
Uniform Group Insurance Benefits Act (Article 3.50-2, Vernon's 
Texas Insurance Code)]."
	On page 100, lines 1-7, restore " [The child health plan must 
provide at least the covered benefits described by the recommended 
benefits package described for a state designated child health plan 
by the Texas House of Representatives Committee on Public Health 
"CHIP" Interim Report to the Seventy-Sixth Texas Legislature dated 
December, 1998, and the Senate Interim Committee on Children's 
Health Insurance Report fo the Seventy-Sixth Texas Legislature 
dated December 1, 1998.]"
	On page 100, lines 8-11, strike section 2.40 (e).                              
	On page 100, lines 12-20, strike section 2.40 (f).                             
	Add section 62.151(e), Health and Safety Code, to read:                        
	"Services to be included in the child health program must 
include, but are not limited to,:
		1) dental;                                                             
		2) Durable Medical Equipment (wheelchairs, crutches, 
leg braces, protheses, etc.);
		3) chiropractic;                                                       
		4) hearing aids;                                                       
		5) hospice;                                                            
		6) mental health;                                                      
		7) physical therapy;                                                   
		8) speech therapy;                                                     
		9) substance abuse treatment; and                                      
		10) vision care and eyeglasses.