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Amend CSHB 2292 as follows:                                                  
	(1)  In SECTION 2.94, strike added subsection (g) of Section 
32.026(g), Human Resources Code (Senate committee printing, page 
77, lines 46-51).
	(2)  Amend the introductory language to SECTION 2.93 to read 
as follows:     
	"Section 32.025, Human Resources Code, is amended by amending 
Subsection (e) and adding Subsection (g) to read as follows:"
	(3)  In SECTION 2.93, insert the following new language 
immediately before SECTION 2.94 (Senate committee printing, page 
77, between lines 29 and 30):
	(g)  the department shall require applicants for medical 
assistance for long term care programs to apply for and obtain 
Veteran's Administration benefits and services for which they are