Amend CSSB 104 by adding a new SECTION ____ to the bill to 
read as follows:
	SECTION ____.  Section 164.005(a), Occupations Code, is 
amended by amending Subsection (a) and adding new Subsections (i) 
and (ii) as follows:
	(a)  In this section, "formal complaint" means a written 
statement made by a credible person under oath that is filed and 
presented by a board representative charging a person with having 
committed an act that, if proven, could affect the legal rights or 
privileges of a license holder or other person under the board's 
jurisdiction.  An investigation shall be initiated by a board 
		1)  upon receipt by the board of three expert reports 
filed pursuant to Art. 4590i, Sec. 13.01 detailing acts or failures 
to act falling below an acceptable standard of care; or
		2)  if a majority of panel members in Section 
154.056(a)(6) find that an act or omission by a physician fell below 
an acceptable standard of care.