Amend CSSB 104 by adding a new SECTION ___ to the bill to read 
as follows: 
	SECTION ___.  Section 154.002(a), Occupations Code, is 
amended as follows:   
	(a)  The board shall prepare:                                                  
		(1)  an alphabetical list of the names of the license 
		(2)  an alphabetical list of the names of the license 
holders by the county in which the license holder's principal place 
of practice is located;
		(3)  a summary of the board's functions;                                      
		(4)  a copy of this subtitle and a list of other laws 
relating to the practice of medicine;
		(5)  a copy of the board's rules; [and]                                       
		(6)  a statistical report each fiscal year to the 
legislature and the public that provides aggregate information 
about all complaints received by the board categorized by type of 
complaint, including administrative, quality of care, medical 
error, substance abuse, other criminal behavior, and the 
disposition of those complaints by category; and
		(7)  other information considered appropriate by the