S.B. 815 78(R)    BILL ANALYSIS

S.B. 815
By: Van de Putte
Public Education
Committee Report (Unamended)


Currently, a school district is required to offer both foundation and
enrichment curricula. However, as a condition of accreditation, a school
district is required to provide instruction using the Texas Essential
Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) in the foundation curriculum, whereas in the
enrichment curriculum, the TEKS standards are only required to be used as
guidelines. C.S.S.B. 815 repeals language describing the requirements for
the enrichment curriculum and provides that a school district must provide
instruction of certain essential knowledge and skills in the enrichment
curriculum as a condition of accreditation.  


It is the committee's opinion that rulemaking authority is expressly
granted to the commissioner of education in SECTION  1 (Section 28.002,
Education Code) of this bill. 


S.B. 815 amends the Education Code, by altering a reference to the
"foundation curriculum" to read "required curriculum." 

The bill authorizes a district to apply to the commissioner of education
(commissioner) for an extension in complying with the rules adopted by the
State Board of Education (SBOE) under Subsection (c), as amended by this
Act.  The bill authorizes the commissioner to adopt rules as necessary for
the implementation of this subsection.  The bill provides that this
subsection expires September 1, 2005. 

The bill repeals Section 28.002(d), Education Code.


September 1, 2003.