S.B. 1811 78(R)    BILL ANALYSIS

S.B. 1811
By: Whitmire
Urban Affairs
Committee Report (Unamended)


Currently, the county judge of Harris County receives service of process
on behalf of the Harris County-Houston Sports Authority.  S.B. 1811
provides that the chairman of the board or chief executive officer of a
sports and community venue district or the district's registered agent are
to receive service of process. 


This bill does not expressly grant any additional rulemaking authority to
a state officer, institution, or agency. 


SECTION 1.  Amends Chapter 355, Local Government Code, by adding Section
335.005, as follows: 

Sec.  335.005.  SUITS; SERVICE OF PROCESS.  Authorizes a district, through
its board, to sue and be sued in any court of this state in the name of
the district.  Authorizes service of process on a district to be had by
serving either the current chairman of the board or the current chief
executive officer of the district or its registered agent designated by
the district by filing a statement with the office of the secretary of
state setting forth:  (i)  the name of the district, and (ii) the name and
address of the district's registered agent, which address must be in the
State of Texas.  Requires the statement to be executed on behalf of the
district by an officer of the district.  Authorizes a district to change
the name and address of its registered agent by filing another statement
with the office of the secretary of state.  Requires the prior registered
agent for the district, upon such filing, to cease to be the registered
agent for the district and service of process is prohibited from being had
by serving such prior registered agent. 

SECTION 2.  Effective date

EFFECTIVE DATE:  September 1, 2003.