NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Licensing & Administrative Procedures

TIME & DATE: 10:00AM, Tuesday, April 6, 2004

PLACE: E2.026

CHAIR: Rep. Kino Flores


To consider the following:

Interim charge #3
Monitor the implementation of HB 1487, 78(R), creating a statewide
license for electricians. Pay particular attention to any unintended
consequences, such as any erosion in Texas right-to-work laws.

Interim charge #5
Identify licenses and duties that could be handled more efficiently
at the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR).  Estimate
cost savings and policy implications associated with such moves.

Interim charge #6
Study ways to reduce the incidence of underage drinking in Texas.  Include
an analysis of best practices in other states.

Interim charge #7
Oversight:  Texas Lottery Commission
Authorize the Lottery Commission to administer video lottery terminals

(Public testimony is welcomed)