NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Natural Resources

TIME & DATE:  3:00PM or upon final adjourn./recess
             Wednesday, April 2, 2003

PLACE: E2.014, Capitol Extension

CHAIR: Rep. Robert Puente


HB 1577            Gallego
Relating to the prohibition of glass containers within the
boundaries of a state-owned riverbed; providing criminal penalties.

HB 1830            Lewis
Relating to county authority to regulate the placement of water
wells in unincorporated areas of the county; providing a penalty.

HB 919            Eiland
Relating to the review and approval of a subdivision of land by
certain special districts.

HB 2786            Eiland
Relating to an extension of a strategic partnership agreement
between a special purpose district and certain municipalities.

HB 2250            Flores
Relating to the duties of the Rio Grande watermaster.

HB 3034            Ellis
Relating to the rates of certain retail public utilities.

HB 2348            Casteel
Relating to the dissolution of the Southeast Trinity Groundwater
Conservation District.

HB 2518            Dawson
Relating to the kinds of contracts of the Brazoria County
Conservation and Reclamation District Number Three that are subject
to competitive bidding.

HB 2564            Paxton / et al.
Relating to review by a county of a petition for the creation of a
municipal utility district.

HB 2565            Paxton / et al.
Relating to the regulation of certain special districts by certain
populous counties.

HB 2978            Callegari
Relating to strategic partnership agreements between municipalities
and certain conservation and reclamation districts.

HB 2888            Cook, Robby
Relating to removing exemptions for certain wells and impounded

HB 1534            Cook, Robby
Relating to the removal of certain powers of groundwater
conservation districts.

HB 2567            Geren
Relating to the disposal of brine from desalination operations.

HB 2184            Geren
Relating to prohibiting the Texas Commission on Environmental
Quality from amending, interpreting, impairing, or modifying a
written contract for the provision of water.

HB 2660            Puente
Relating to the establishment of minimum levels of water
conservation in water conservation plans.

HB 2661            Puente
Relating to the use of graywater.

HB 2663            Puente
Relating to the establishment of quantifiable goals for drought
contingency plans.

HB 2664            Puente
Relating to the office of public interest counsel.

HB 2665            Puente
Relating to the creation of a task force to evaluate matters
regarding water conservation.