NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Business & Commerce

TIME & DATE:  4:00PM Or upon adjournment
             Friday, May 16, 2003

PLACE: Senator Fraser's Desk

CHAIR: Senator Troy Fraser

Senator Fraser suspended the 24 hour posting rule so that the Senate
Business and Commerce Committee could consider the following pending bills:

HB 135            Brown, Fred / et al.     SP: Shapiro
Relating to the requirements of an auctioneer's license.

HB 849            Talton                   SP: Jackson
Relating to the regulation of tow truck lights by political

HB 1056            Hamilton                 SP: Williams
Relating to the employment of a minor in certain establishments
that serve alcoholic beverages.

HB 1232            Geren                    SP: Brimer
Relating to the expiration of alcoholic beverage permits and

HB 1496            Solomons                 SP: Duncan
Relating to reduction in benefit fraud and claim overpayments in
unemployment compensation.

HB 1526            Geren                    SP: Harris
Relating to the registration requirements for certain retired

HB 2172            Chavez                   SP: Lucio
Relating to administration of certain workforce development
programs by the Texas Workforce Commission.

HB 2200            Solomons                 SP: Fraser
Relating to restrictions on apartment owners in a condominium
regime relating to club membership.