NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Criminal Justice

TIME & DATE:  1:00PM Or upon adjournment
             Tuesday, April 29, 2003

PLACE: E1.016

CHAIR: Senator John Whitmire


The Criminal Justice Committee will NOT be meeting this afternoon, 4-29-03.

SB 46            Zaffirini
Relating to the taking of a specimen of a person's breath or blood
in connection with certain alcohol-related offenses.

SB 357            Shapiro
Relating to the confidentiality of certain reports of criminal
activity and to immunity from civil liability for certain persons
making or receiving those reports.

SB 918            Whitmire
Relating to the issuance of a summons for an appearance related to
certain violations of parole.

SB 921            Whitmire
Relating to the authority of a judge to reduce or terminate the
community supervision of a defendant convicted of an offense
punishable as a state jail felony.

SB 969            Shapleigh
Relating to the punishment for the offense of assault.

SB 1092            Shapiro
Relating to evidence offered in the prosecution of the offense of
child pornography.

SB 1245            Armbrister
Relating to the governance of the Crime Victims' Institute.

SB 1406            Estes
Relating to the issuance of concealed handgun licenses to residents
of certain other states and to reciprocity agreements with other
states concerning concealed handgun licenses.

SB 1477            West
Relating to the expunction of criminal records and to the duty of
law enforcement agencies regarding records associated with certain
defendants receiving deferred adjudication.

SB 1593            West
Relating to good conduct time earned by certain inmates.

SB 1596            Hinojosa
Relating to the placement of video camera surveillance systems in
county jails.

SB 1812            Whitmire
Relating to the right to severance for offenses under the
Transportation Code where the maximum punishment is by fine only.

SB 1813            Gallegos
Relating to admissibility of evidence from unaccredited crime

SB 1814            Gallegos
Relating to post conviction DNA review in criminal cases; providing
a fee.