NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

COMMITTEE: Health & Human Services

TIME & DATE:  4:00PM Or upon adjournment
             Friday, May 16, 2003

PLACE: Senator Nelson's Desk

CHAIR: Senator Jane Nelson

Senator Nelson suspended the 24-hour posting rule to take up and consider
the following pending business at her desk.

HB 21            Corte / et al.           SP: Nelson
Relating to admission to and discharge from facilities for
voluntary inpatient mental health services for persons younger than
18 years of age.

HB 111            Chavez                   SP: Zaffirini
Relating to responsibility for payment for transport by ambulance
of a recipient of medical assistance in certain circumstances.

HB 653            Davis, John              SP: Janek
Relating to a shampoo apprentice permit.

HB 727            Delisi                   SP: Janek
Relating to disease management programs for certain Medicaid

HB 728            Delisi                   SP: Duncan
Relating to the continuous eligibility of certain children for
medical assistance benefits.

HB 1077            Jones, Jesse             SP: West
Relating to removal of remains interred in a cemetery.

HB 1119            Goodman                  SP: Brimer
Relating to the disposition of cruelly treated animals.

HB 1723            Geren                    SP: Averitt
Relating to the performance of asbestos surveys.

HB 1743            Delisi                   SP: Nelson
Relating to prevention of fraud and abuse under the medical
assistance program; creating an offense.

HB 1886            Zedler                   SP: Nelson
Relating to the assessment of fees for the regulation of code
enforcement officers.

HB 1971            Uresti                   SP: Nelson
Relating to convictions barring employment in certain facilities
serving the elderly or persons with disabilities.

HB 2058            Villarreal               SP: Zaffirini
Relating to a study regarding goals, outcome standards, and
objectives in certain contracts with the Department of Protective
and Regulatory Services.

HB 2131            Zedler                   SP: Deuell
Relating to the regulation of certain operating room nurses
employed by certain other health providers.

HB 2185            Geren                    SP: Brimer
Relating to the issuance of a certificate of death by catastrophe.

HB 2350            Dawson                   SP: Nelson
Relating to the amount charged by the Texas Department of Health
for a youth camp license.

HB 2886            Van Arsdale              SP: Lindsay
Relating to certain certificates and reports filed with the bureau
of vital statistics.

SB 239            Fraser
Relating to allowing youth camps to correct violations during
inspections by the Texas Department of Health.

SB 806            Zaffirini
Relating to abolishing the electronic imaging program of the Texas
Department of Human Services.

SB 990            Armbrister
Relating to criteria for voluntary admission to state schools for
persons with mental retardation.

SB 1086            Staples
Relating to animal impoundment facilities operated by a small

SB 1132            Williams
Relating to the admission of certain video testimony into evidence
in a proceeding regarding the abuse or neglect of a child.

SB 1587            Lindsay
Relating to Bureau of Vital Statistics forms.

SB 1787            Zaffirini
Relating to exempting certain persons in transitional living
programs from the payment of tuition and fees at public
institutions of higher education.



SB 806