HB 730


Business & Commerce Committee

May 8, 2003 -  9:00A
       FOR:       Bowling, Bobby (Texas Association of Builders), El
                         Paso, TX
                  Bush, Robert (Texas Assoc. of Builders and Home
                         Buyers Warranty Corp.), Arlington, TX
                  Krugh, John (Perry Homes and Texas Association of
                         Builders), Houston, TX
                  Maykus, Kosse (Texas Association of Builders and
                         Maykus Custom Homes), Southlake, TX
                  Moore, Michael (Self), San Antonio, TX
       AGAINST:   Cobarruvias, John (Homeowners Against Deficient
                         Dwellings), Houston, TX
                  James, Reggie (Consumers Union), Austin, TX
                  Kincaid, Mark (Self), Austin, TX
                  Lemon, Brent (Self), Dallas, TX
                  Stark, Anne (Self), Dallas, TX
                  Turner, Cheryl (Self), Dallas, TX

   Registering, but not testifying:
       For:       Erben, Andy (KB Home), Austin, TX
                  Stout, Bob (The Woodlands Operating Co. L.P.), The
                         Woodlands, TX
       Against:   Eberwine, Mark (Consumers), San Antonio, TX
                  Killian, James (Farmers Insurance Group), Round
                         Rock, TX

   Providing written testimony:
       Against:   Buck, Fred (Self), San Antonio, TX