HB 1365
Environmental Regulation Committee

March 4, 2003 -  2:00P or upon final adjourn./recess
    For:      Alvarez, Ph.D., Ramon (Evironmental Defense)
              Benthol, Harless R. (Houston Construction Industry
              Berger, Dr. Pamela M. (Mayor Brown, City of Houston)
              English, B. Trek (Northeast Action Group)
              Fisher, Jon K. (Texas Chemical Council)
              Foltz, Tommy (Southwest Alliance for Advanced
              Foltz, Tommy (Southwest Alliance of Transportation)
              Gibbs, Gary (Association of Electric Companies of Texas)
              Green, Renee D. (Judge Nelson Wolff of Bexar County)
              Harris, Ron (Tx Clean Air Working Group, Dallas Regional
              Mobility Coalition, North TX Clean Air Steering Comm)
              Hill, Donald (City of Dallas, Mayor Pro Temp)
              Horosen, Kelly (Public Citizens Members)
              Hubener, Katy (Blue Skies Alliance)
              Jacobson, Macolm (Fuel Cells Texas, Inc.,  Fuel Cell
              Energy, Inc.)
              Keleher, Tim (The Metro 8 Chamber of Commerce)
              LaBoon, Bruce (Greater Houston Partnership and Texas
              Environmental Research Conservation)
              Lowery, Edith (Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris)
              Maxey, Glen (American Lung Association of Texas)
              Miksa, Mary (Texas Association of Business)
              Reed, Cyrus (The Center for Policy Studies)
              Rhea, Mark L. (Trucking Industry)
              Smith, Tom  "Smitty" (Public Citizen)
              Wickersham, Jr., Theodore S. (Mobile Emissions Reduction
              Coalition Members, Holt Company)
              Wilson, John D. (Galveston - Houston Association for
              Smog Prevention)
    Against:  Barnes, Charissa E. (Texas State Inspection Association)
              Stout, Pat (TSIA, TCAWG, Lone Star Lubrication)
              Williams, Bill (Meton Management, U.S. Automotive
              Concept, Express Sticker LTD, Miller Oil and Gas
    On:       Burroughs, Robert (Texas Department of Public Safety)
              Huston, Robert J. (TCEQ)
   Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Albrecht, Mike (Self)
              Bornhorst, Becky (Downwinders at Risk)
              Dyer, Jay (Texas Association of Builders)
              Forbes, Scott (Port of Houston Authority)
              Hadden, Karen (Sustainable Energy and Economic
              Hamlgy, Russell (Associated Builders and Contractors of
              Greater Houston)
              Hazlewood, Steve (Dow Chemical)
              Hicks, Howard (Holt Company)
              Holcomb, Jim (Self)
              Holt, Peter M. (Holt CAT)
              Keel, Lara (Judge Robert Eckels, Harris County)
              Kiley, Pat (AGC, Houston Chapter)
              Lively, Lance (AGC)
              McCarley, James (Dallas Regional Mobility Coalition)
              McCauley, Cindy (Lyondell Chemical Company)
              McWilliams, Dean (Applied LNG Technologies,  Jack B.
              Kelley, Inc.)
              Meroney, Mike (Huntsman LLC)
              Nease, Nelson H. (Cardinal Glass Industries)
              Norton, Carrie (Teletrips)
              Olsen, Lawrence (Texas Good/ Roads Trans. Assn.)
              Oneacre, Amanda (Greater Dallas Chamber)
              Oswald, Bill (Koch Industries, Flint Hills Resources)
              Sebree, Ben (Texas Oil and Gas Association)
              Sledge, Brian (Solid Waste Association of North America,
              Lone Star Chapter)
              Smith, Andrew (San Antonio Water System)
              Stout, Bob (The Woodlands Operating Co. L.P.)
              Suhm, Vic (North Texas Commission)
              Vasquez, Michael (The Texas Conference of Urban
              Wood, Kathryn (Greater Houston Builders Association)