HB 1487
Licensing & Administrative Procedures Committee

March 13, 2003 -  8:00A
    For:      Bell, Keith (Self and IEC of Texas/Intex Electrical
              Contractors, Inc.)
              Caraway, David (Self and Robert Caraway Comfortable
              Doubek, Sr., Phillip J. (Self)
              Hudgeons, Jerry (Total Electrical Service & Supply
              Martin, Joe G. (Independent Electrical Contractors of
              Merritt, Anthony P. (Self and Texas State Assn. of
              Electrical Workers)
              Priest, Robert (John Easton, Jr. Local Union 716 IBEW
              Business Manager)
              Schwartz, John (Texas Turf Irrigation Association)
    Against:  Austin, Patrick (Self and Aus-Tex Electric)
              Ber, Michael N. (Self)
              Biggs, Karl B. (Self)
              Buchanan, William C. (Self)
              Carlisle, Ben (Self)
              Childs, Douglas R. (Self)
              Dean, A.T. Tommy (Self)
              Dickerson, Edward "ET" (Self)
              Dobbs, Manuel E. (Self)
              Doucet, Eliot (Self and Admiralty Electrical Services)
              Hobbs, Mitchell James (Self)
              Kahn, Billy (Self)
              Lee, B. J. (Self)
              Marshall, Dennis (Self and TAG Electric Company)
              Platou, John (Self)
              Sims, Michael D. (San Jacinto College)
              Wagner, Dennis (Self)
              Wilson, David (Texas Electric Safety Association)
    On:       Brown, Steve (Total Electric Service & Supply Company)
              Kuntz, Jr., William H. (Texas Department of Licensing &
              Pape, Stephen (Self and Texas Air Conditioning
              Contractors Assn/TACCA)
              Surette, Art (Self and I&ES)
   Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Jennings, Randy (Self)
              Pruitt, Carroll Lee (International Code Council)
    Against:  DeRouen, James (Self)
              Myers, Leon (Self)