SB 14
Insurance Committee

April 22, 2003 - 10:00A or upon final adjourn./recess
    Against:  Ahrens, Donald (Texas Association of Mutual Ins. Co.)
              Cobb, Ron (American Ins. Association)
              Floyd, Beaman (Allstate, Nationwide, State Farm,
              American Insurance Assoc, USAA (TCAIS))
              Krier, Cyndi Taylor (USAA)
              Lambe, Dan (Texas Watch)
              Miletti, John (Travelers Property Casualty)
              Norton, Jo Betsy (Allstate Insurance)
              Ruggiero, Denise (State Farm Insurance)
              Schneider, Rob (Consumers Union)
              Smith, John P. (AARP)
              Woods, Joe (Alliance of American Insurers)
    On:       Gilbert, Robert A. (Independent Insurance Agents of
              Shawn, Jim (Texas Surplus Lines Association)

April 28, 2003 - 10:00A or upon final adjourn./recess
    Against:  Davis, Will (United Services Automobile Association)
              Earley, Robert (State National Companies)
              Floyd, Beaman (Allstate, St. Farm, USAA, Nationwide,
              American Insurance Assoc. (TCAIS))
              Geiger, Richard (AFACT)
              McMahan, Mike (Farmers Mutual Protective Association of
              Ruggiero, Denise (State Farm Insurance Companies)
              Shawn, Jim (Tx Surplus Lines Assoc., Texas Windstorm
              Insurance Assn., FAIR Plan Assoc.)
              Stinson, Bill (Texas Association of Realtors)
              Thompson, Jay (AFACT, Farm Bureau Ins. Cos.)
    On:       Bordelon, Rod (OPIC)
              Davis, Brian (Ranchers & Farmers Mutual Ins. Co.)
              Durden, David (Texas Department of Insurance)
              Klein, Jonathan (Progressive County Mutual Insurance

May 1, 2003 -  8:30A
  Committee Substitute (Smithee/CSSB 14)
    On:       Durden, David (Texas Department of Insurance)
              Presley, Philip (Texas Department of Insurance)