SB 104


Health & Human Services Committee

February 18, 2003 - 11:00A Or upon adjournment
       FOR:       Smith, Tom Director (Public Citizen), Austin, TX
                  Strong, David Burk Radiologist (Nueces County
                         Medical Society), Corpus Christie, TX
       ON:        McGiffert, Lisa Senior Policy Analyst (Consumers
                         Union), Austin, TX
                  Patrick, Donald Executive Director (Board of Medical
                         Examiners), Austin, TX
                  Robinson, Mari Manager of Investigation (Texas State
                         Board of Medical Examiners), Austin, TX
                  Strate, Susan Pathologist (Texas Medical
                         Association), Wichita Falls, TX
                  Young, George Attorney (Texas Trial Lawyers), Fort
                         Worth, TX

   Registering, but not testifying:
       For:       Bellsnyder, Luke (Texas Association of Business),
                         Austin, TX
       Against:   Lambe, Dan Executive Director (Texas Watch), Austin,
       On:        Aleshire, Mary (Self), Austin, TX
                  Garanflo, Jaime Director, Customer Affairs (Texas
                         State Board of Medical Examiners), Austin, TX
                  Kirskey, Thomas Physician (Texas State Board of
                         Medical Examiners Board Member), Austin, TX
                  Parsley, Cathleen General Counsel (State Office of
                         Administrative Hearings), Austin, TX
                  Soffer, Jennifer Assistant General Counsel -
                         Licensure (Texas State Board of Medical
                         Examiners), Austin, TX
                  Wall, Matthew Associate General Counsel (Texas
                         Hospital Association), Austin, TX
                  Woodford, Suzy Executive Director (Common Cause),
                         Austin, TX