SB 473


Criminal Justice Committee

March 18, 2003 -  1:00P Or upon adjournment
       FOR:       May, George Vice President - General Counsel (Yellow
                         Rose Mortgage Company), Houston, TX
                  Wilson, Ronnie Advocate (Self (victim) and Theft
                         Resource Center), Brookshire, TX
       AGAINST:   A. McGee, John VP - Gov't Relations and Privacy
                         Officer (Computer Sciences Corp - Services
                         Div), Houston, TX
                  Courtney, Chuck President (Texas Retailers
                         Association), Austin, TX
       ON:        Adams, Cathie (Texas Eagle Forum), Dallas, TX
                  Brecher, Scott Portfolio Manager (Victim of  ID
                         theft), Houston, TX
                  Schneider, Rob Sr. Staff Attorney (Consumers Union),
                         Austin, TX
                  Swanson, Mary (Victim of Identity Theft), Austin, TX
                  Yanez-Correa, Ana Public Policy Director (The League
                         of Latin American Citizens (TX LULAC)),
                         Austin, TX

   Registering, but not testifying:
       For:       Higgins, Carlos Speaker Pro Tem (Texas Silver-Haired
                         Legislature), Austin, TX
       On:        Carmona, Paul Division Chief (Office of the Attorney
                         General), Austin, TX
                  Cummings, Bill Chair, Legislative Action (Texas
                         Silver Haired Legislature), Lockhart, TX
                  Herrell, William Executive Director (American Civil
                         Liberties Union), Austin, TX
                  Metzger, Luke Advocate (Texas Public Interest
                         Research Group), Austin, TX