SB 1263


Natural Resources Committee

April 22, 2003 -  1:00P Or upon adjournment
       FOR:       Fisher, Jon Senior VP (Texas Chemical Council),
                         Austin, TX
                  Morriss, James Attorney (Self)
       AGAINST:   Anderson, Sparky Project Director (Clean Water
                         Action), Austin, TX
                  Levin, Ilan Attorney (City of Del Rio, Kleberg
                         County, Martinez Environmental Group),
                         Austin, TX
       ON:        Grometsky, Lydia Deputy Legal Services (TCEQ),
                         Austin, TX

   Registering, but not testifying:
       For:       Miksa, Mary V.P. Government Affairs (Texas
                         Association of Business), Austin, TX
                  Oswald, Bill Director - Court & Reg. Affairs (Koch
                         Indusries, Flint Hills Resources), Austin, TX
                  Sebree, Ben Association Manager (Texas Oil & Gas
                         Association), Austin, TX
                  Shah, Nicole (Association of Electric Companies of
                         Texas), Houston, TX
                  Sisk, Cathy Asst. Harris County Attorney (Harris
                         County), Houston, TX
                  Sledge, Brian Attorney (Solid Waste Association of
                         North America, Lone Star Chapter), Austin, TX
       Against:   Hadden, Karen (SEED Coalition), Austin, TX
                  Smith, Tom "Smitty" (Public Citizen), Austin, TX