Agriculture & Livestock Committee
May 20, 2003-8:00A

SB 970
    Against:  Presnal, James K. (Texas Nursery & Landscape Assn)
    On:       Fischer, Harvey (Texas Department of Agriculture)

SB 1828
    For:      Dodier, Jr., Jose (Self and Assn of Texas Soil & Water
                   Conservation Districts)
              Small, Ed (Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers)
    Against:  Henderson, Jerry (Jack SWCD)
              Howe, Billy (Texas Farm Bureau)
              Mathiews, J.C. (Self)
              Paschall, Jim B. (Self and Wise SWC District)
              Richmond, Jule (Self)
              White, Leland (Lynn Co. S.W.C.D. Dist. 119)
    On:       Albrecht, Edward (Texas State Soil & Water Board)
              Crumley, W.T. "Dub" (Texas State Soil & Water
                   Conservation Board (present Vice Chairman))
              Moore, James (Texas State Soil and Water Conservation

SB 1828 Committee Substitute (Hardcastle)
    For:      Rhodes, Denise (Self)