Redistricting Committee
April 10, 2003-10:30A

HB 2944
    For:      McKeithen, Steve (9th Court of Appeals)
    Against:  Heagy, Warren (Ector County Bar Association President
                   Katherine Clifton)
    On:       Barajas, Richard (8th District Court of Appeals)
              Brister, Scott (14th Court of Appeals)
              Enoch, Craig (Texas Supreme Court)
              Radack, Sherry (First Judicial District of the Court of
                   Appeals of Texas)
              Smith, Jr., Jackson (Self)
              Thomas, Linda (5th and 7th Courts of Appeals; Council of
                   Chief Justices)

HB 3398
    For:      Morales, Rick (Self)
    Against:  Agnew, Virginia (Self)
              Calvert, Tommy T. C. (Neighborhoods First Alliance)
              Farrar, Jessica (Mexican American Legislative Caucus)
              Ortega, Frank (Self)
              Smith, Clint (Self and Gray Panthers)
              Yanez-Correa, Ana (Texas LULAC and Hector Flores LULAC's
                   National President)
    On:       Christian, Elizabeth (Self)
              Flynn, Charlotte (Self and Gray Panthers of Austin)