Redistricting Committee
July 2, 2003-2:00P

HB 3 Committee Substitute (Proposed by King)
    For:      Zafereo, Mark (Self)
    Against:  Bartholomew, Dana (Self)
              Blumberg, Mary (Self)
              Craven, Jr., Don (Self)
              Edwards, Congressman Chet (Self)
              Hidalgo-Sotelo, Barbara (Self and the Hidalgo Family)
              Jones, Marguerite (Self and My Family)
              Perry, Rev. Dr. Paul F. (Self)
              Robbins, Paul (Self)
              Roland, Jon (Coalition for Non-Partisan Redistricting &
                   Constitution Society)
              Salomon, Roberto (Self and Dora L. Salomon)
    On:       Dixon, Patrick (Self and Travis County Libertarian
              Hanna, David R. (TLC Texas Legislative Council)
              Howard, Robert (Travis County Libertarian Party &
                   Coalition for Non-partisan Redistricting)