Judicial Affairs Committee
February 24, 2003-2:30P

HB 52
    For:      Amos, Allen (Rural County Judges Association)
    On:       Phillips, Thomas (Texas Supreme Court)

HB 296
    For:      Meyers, Laurence (Texas Supreme Court and Court of
                   Criminal Appeals)

HB 572
    For:      Edmonds, Shannon (Texas District & County Attorneys
                   Assoc. and Bud Kirkendall, D.A. 25th Judicial

HB 710
    For:      Caldwell, Jim (Self and Texas Silver Haired Legislature)
              Cummings, Bill (Texas Silver Haired Legislature)
    Against:  Karisch, Glenn (Texas Academy of Probate Lawyers)

HJR 13
    For:      Amos, Allen (Rural County Judges Association)
              Criss, Susan (Self)
              Francis, Robert (Self)
              Higginbotham, Don (Judges of Williamson County)
              Puryear, David (Self)
              Scoggins, Roy (Self)
              Shipman, L. Dee (Self)
    On:       Davis, Rex (Tenth Court of Appeals)
              Phillips, Thomas (Texas Supreme Court)