Judicial Affairs Committee
March 3, 2003-2:30P

HB 461
    For:      Noll, Chuck (Harris County District Attorney's Office)
              Peeples, David (Self and Presiding Judges of the 9
                   Administrative Judicial Regions)
    On:       Morris, Cathy (T.D.P.R.S.)

HB 462
    For:      Livingston, Lora (Self and Texas Access to Justice

HB 462 Committee Substitute (Solis)
    On:       O'Neill, Harriet (Texas Access to Justice Commission and
                   Texas Supreme Court)

HB 466
    For:      Delmore, Bill (Harris County District Attorney's Office)
              Edmonds, Shannon (Texas District & County Attorney

HB 687
    For:      Gray, Janice (County & District Clerks Assn.)

HB 721
    For:      Edmonds, Shannon (Texas District & County Attorney
              Rose, Joe Lee (Self)

HB 858
    For:      Carr, Brent (Self and Tarrant County Court at Law

HB 934
    For:      Chapman, Brenda (Comal County Juvenile Board)
              Waldrip, Dib (Self and Comal County Commissioners Court
                   and Comal County District Attorney's Office)

HJR 20
    For:      Richard, Jim (Self)
    On:       Reaves, Margaret (Commission on Judicial Conduct)