Judicial Affairs Committee
April 22, 2003-12:00A

HB 445
    For:      Olsen, Rory (Self)
    Against:  Mitchell, Beth (Advocacy, Inc.)

HB 1252
    For:      Adamick, Barbara (Self)
    On:       Underwood, Olen (Self)

HB 1905
    For:      Adamick, Barbara (District Clerk Assoc.)
              Brunson, Jeane (County & District Clerks Association of
              Gray, Janice (County & District Clerks Association)
              Hamlin, Jim (Self)
              Hamlin, Marc (Self and County & District Clerks
              Turley, Gail (County & District Clerks Assn. of Texas)

HB 1905 Committee Substitute (Solis)
              Pardue, Craig (Dallas County)

HB 2545
    Against:  Moss, Ron (Association of Electric Companies of Texas)

HB 3070
    For:      Lee, Donald (Texas Conference of Urban Counties)
              Pardue, Craig (Dallas County)

HB 3322
    On:       Arnot, Bud (11th Court of Appeals)

HJR 64
    For:      Allison, Jim (County Judges & Commissioner's Assn. of
              Gossom, Jr., Woodrow (Self)
    On:       Reaves, Margaret (Commission on Judicial Conduct)

SB 273
    For:      Tindall, Kim (Esquire Deposition Services)
    On:       Daniel, Katrina (Sunset Advisory Commission)
              Henricks, Michele (Court Reporters Certification Board)
              Montalvo, Frank (Court Reporters Certification Board)