Licensing & Administrative Procedures Committee
March 12, 2004-10:30A

Reducing Underage Drinking
    For:      Anderson, Brandy (The Century Council)
              Cabrera, John (Texans Standing Tall)
              Donley, Rick (The Beer Alliance of Texas)
              Gonzalez, Yvonne (Mission High School S.A.D.A.)
              Holt, Nicole (Self and Texans Standing Tall)
              Infante, Lynda (Self)
              Loudamy, Suzanne (Self and Texans Standing Tall/Texas
              Luna, Linda (Cameron County Juvenile Probation)
              Marosko, Fred (Texas Package Stores Association)
              Mendez, T. Paulette (San Antonio Fighting Back, Inc.)
              Ortega, Darlene (Self and Texans Standing Tall)
              Purser, Ph.D., Julie (Bay Area Alliance for Youth &
              Ross, Steve (Texans Standing Tall)
              Saldana, Janelle (Self)
              Spilman, Tom (Wholesale Beer Distributors of Texas)
              Tumlinson, IV, David (Texans Standing Tall/Cameron
                   County Juvenile Probation)
              Verley, Ana M. (MADD-RGV)
              Ward, Ellen (Texas Standing Tall)
    On:       Gray, Alan (Licensed Beverage Distributors)
              Limon-Garza, Elizabeth (Brownsville Weed & Seed)
              Lopez, Carlos (Texas Department of Tranportation)
              Pharis, Cindy (Self and Texans Standing Tall/Alliance on
                   Underage Drinking)
              Reyna, Judge Rosa (Self)
              Sherman, Julia (Center on Alcohol Marketing & Youth)
              Smelser, Sam (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
              Steen, Alan (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC))

Underage Drinking
    Against:  Cerda, DeAndre (Mission High School S.A.D.A.)
              Muniz, Janessa (Mission High School S.A.D.A.)
              Ruiz, Jessica (Mission High School S.A.D.A.)
              Shelton, Linda Paul (Self and Bay Area Alliance for
                   Youth & Families/Texans Standing Tall)
              Trevino Funk, Teri (L&F Distributors, Ltd./Greg
                   LaMantia, Partner)
    On:       Cruz, Lt. Rick (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
              Jauregui, Richard (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
              Saenz, Captain Laurencio (Texas Department of Public