Licensing & Administrative Procedures Committee
April 6, 2004-10:00A

reducing underage drinking
    For:      Becka, Daniel (Self)
              Burciaga, Margie (Self)
              Carlin, Sylvia (Texans Standing Tall)
              Garrison, Rachel (Fort Bend Zero Tolerance Youth
              Huggins-Edison, Trudy (Fort Bend Zero Tolerance Youth
              Infante, Lynda (Self)
              Loudamy, Suzanne (Texans Standing Tall/Texas PTA)
              Mendez, Paulette (Self and San Antonio Fighting Back,
              Miller, Vanessa (Texans Standing Tall)
              Ross, Steve (Texans Standing Tall)
              Saldana, Janelle (Self)
              Wagener, Susan (Self)
              Ward, Ellen (Texans Standing Tall)
              Yurtman, Ersan (Self and San Antonio Fighting Back,
    On:       Wanser, Dr. Dave (Texas Commission on Alcohol & Drug

underage drinking
    Against:  Escalante, Sarah (PALS of Johnston High School)
              Haire, Jim (Self)
              Luna, Melanie (PALS of Johnston High School)
              Reyna, Victoria (PALS of Johnston High School)

HB 1487 78(R)
    For:      Bartos, Edie (Texas Ag Irrigation Association)
              Bell, Gregory "Keith" (Self)
              Dippery, Ron (Texas Chemical Council)
              Sutherland, WD (Texas Ag Irrigation Association)
    Against:  Calvin, Don (Dashell Corp & its 65 electrical
              Hamley, Russell (Associated Builders & Contractors of
                   Greater Houston)
              Hobbs, Gordon (Austin Industrial)
              Milson, James (Jim) (Self and Sun Electric Services,
              O'Finan, Paul (Texas Electrical Safety Association)
              Wilson, David (Self and Texas Electrical Safety
    On:       Bernard, John (ABC Southeast Texas)
              Callicoatte, Guy (Self and G&S Electric Refrigeration)
              Deatherage, Bob (Becon Construction Company)
              Denton, Frank (Texas Dept. of Licensing & Regulation)
              Francis, Brian (Texas Dept. of Licensing & Regulation)
              Gill, Paris (Self and S&B Engineers and Constructors)
              Howe, Billy (Texas Farm Bureau)
              Morales, Johnnie (Rio Grande Electric Cooperative, Dan
              Trammell, Stanley (Self and Stonewall Electric Company)
              Turner, Bob (Self and Texas Poultry Federation/Texas
                   Sheep & Goat Raisers Assn.)
              Vossler, Kurt (Self)
              Wright, Mark (Self)

TDLR consolidation
    For:      Johnson, James (Self)
    Against:  Burch, Steve (Associated Plumbing, Heating, Cooling
                   Contractors of Tx)
              Hines, Norman (Self and Texas Equal Artisan Members
              Jones, Nancy (Associated Plumbing, Heating, Cooling
                   Contractors of Tx)
              Kuykendall, William "Kirk" (Self and Board of Barber
              Myers, Ken (Self and Texas Pest Control Association)
    On:       Brown, Ronald (Self and State Barber Board Examiners)
              Burnett, Dale (Structural Pest Control Board)
              Coleman, Kevin (Tx. Board of Professional Geoscientists)
              Dean, Michael (State Auditor's Office)
              Francis, Brian (Texas Dept. of Licensing & Regulation)
              Hanna, Mark (Tx. Society of Professional Surveyors)
              Hess, Michael (Tx. Board of Professional Geoscientists)
              Humphrey, Antoinette (Texas Cosmetology Commission)
              Irvine, Tim (Manufactured Housing Divison/Tx. Dept. of
                   Housing & Community Affairs)
              Jeffress, Dr. Gary (Self)
              Lieberknecht, Chloe (Sunset Advisory Commission Staff)
              Longley, Joey (Sunset Commission)
              Maxwell, Robert (Tx. State Board of Plumbing Examiners)
              Parker, Glenn (State Board of Barber Examiners)
              Persons, Walton (State Auditor's Office)
              Robbins, O.C. "Chet" (Texas Funeral Service Commission)
              Silber, Paul (Self)
              Smith, Sandy (Tx. Board of Professional Land Surveying)
              Turner, Douglas (Tx. Board of Professional Land
              Vasquez, III, Leo (Chairman, Tx. Cmsn of Licensing
              Vice, Sandra (Texas State Auditor's Office)

    For:      Battise, MClamroch (Self and Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of
              Brown, J.E. "Buster" (Yselta Del Sur Pueblo (Tigua
              Eller, Jimmy (Self)
              Hays, David Lynn (Self and Texas Greyhound Association)
              Hooper, David (Texas Thoroughbred Associaion)
              Kaminski, Bob (Lone Star Park at Grand Prairie)
              Lewis, Dr. Robert (Self)
              Palmieri, Gene (Self and Racehorse Breeders of Texas)
              Szapor, Jr., Stephen (Texas Racing Agra-Industry
              Windham, Jerry (Self)
    Against:  Paynter, Suzii (Christian Life Commission/Baptist
                   General Convention of Tx)
              Ware, Weston (Self and Texans Against Gambling)
    On:       Gonzalez, Juan (Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas)
              Grinols, Professor Earl (Self)
              Hernandez, Gloria (Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas)
              Morris, Liz (Texas Legislative Council)