Licensing & Administrative Procedures Committee
September 15, 2004-1:00P

Interim Charge #1:  HB 2519 (78R)
    For:      Bresnen, Steve (Bingo Interest Group)
              Fenoglio, Stephen (State VFW & it's members; 950
                   charitable & business organizations)
              Heinlein, David (Self and Charitable Bingo Conductors)
              Mashburn, Darleeb (Fort Worth Bookkeeping, Inc.)
    On:       Garcia, Joe (Trend Gaming Systems)

Interim Charge #1: HB 2519 (78R)
    On:       Atkins, Billy (Texas Lottery Commission)
              Sanderson, Phil (Texas Lottery Commission)

Interim Charge #2:  SB 283 (78R)
    For:      Bommarito, Marla (Texas Assn. of Interior Design)
    Against:  Lancaster, David (Texas Society of Architects)
              Paret, Sandra (Texas Society of Architects)
    On:       Gibson, Scott (Tx. Board of Architectural Examiners)
              Hendricks, Cathy (Tx. Board of Architectural Examiners)
              Landreth, Gordon (Tx. Board of Architectural Examiners)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Dashiell, Pat (Texas Assn. of Interior Design)
              Depew, Jackie (Self and Texas Assn. of Interior Design)
              Gasper, Pete (Laurie Smith Design Associates; Smith &
                   Morton Architecture)
              Hill, Amanda (Self and Texas Assn. of Interior Design)
              Krisan, Pamela (Self)
              Laffey, Priscilla (Texas Assn. of Interior Design)
              Roberts, Marilyn (Texas Assn. of Interior Design)
              Stockton-Hicks, Donna (Texas Assn. of Interior Design)
    Against:  Potter, Jeff (Texas Society of Architects)
              Ross, Jr., Ken (Texas Society of Architects)
    On:       Lauck, Alan (Tx. Board of Architectural Examiners)

Interim Charge #4:  HB 329 (78R)
    On:       Bays, Richard (Dept. of State Health Services)