Natural Resources Committee
April 9, 2003-3:00P

HB 1628
    For:      Cellins, Dick (Acton Municipal Utility Dist.)
              English, Richard (Acton Municipal Utility District
                   General Manager)
    On:       Stepherson, Angela (Texas Commission on Environmental

HB 2074
    For:      Gilmer, Gary (Self and Real-Edwards Conservation &
                   Reclamation District)

HB 2293
    For:      Bonavita, Evelyn (Region L Water Planning Group)
              Butler, Susan (San Antonio Water System)
              Ford, Phil (Brazos River Authority, General Mgr.)
              Robbins, Dean (Texas Water Conservation Assn.)
              Rochelle, Martin (San Antonio Water System)
              Rothe, Greg (San Antonio River Authority)
              Taylor, Jeff (City of Houston Public Utilities Division
                   Public Works & Engineering, Deputy Director)
    Against:  Alders, David (Self)
              Griffith, Carl (Self and Jefferson Co.)
              Howe, Billy (Texas Farm Bureau)
              Middleton, Gary (City of Victoria, Mayor)
              Montagne, David (Sabine River Authority of Texas)
              Neild, William E. (Lower Neches Valley Authority LNVA)
              Rich, Jim (Beaumont Chamber of Commerce)
              Rutherford, Verna (Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce)
              Stroder, Robert (Lower Neches Valley Authority)
    On:       Ellis, Greg (Edwards Aquifer Authority)
              Hess, Myron (National Wildlife Federation)
              Hoffman, Margaret (TCEQ)
              Kramer, Ken (Lone Star Chapter, Sierra Club)
              MacLeod, Mark (Environmental Defense)
              Mullican, Bill (Texas Water Development Board)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    For:      Adams, Jim (Region H Water Planning Group)
              Aghamalian, Brandon (City of Fort Worth - Mayor &
              Burke, John (Aqua Water Supply Corp.)
              Cain, Randy (City of Dallas)
              Cain, Randy (City of Lubbock)
              Gibbs, Gary (Association of Electric Companies of TX
              Harris, Ron (Collin Cnty)
              Rice, Irvin M. (Self and Trinity Improvement Assoc)
              Suhm, Vic (North Texas Commision)
              Votteler, Todd (Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority)
              White, Michael L. (Greater Houston Partnership)

HB 2854
    For:      Vaughan III, Ben F. (Self and Coastal Conservation
                   Association - Texas)
    Against:  Alders, David (Self)
              Glacken, Shawn (Association of Electric Companies of

HB 2887
    For:      Beyer, David J (Self)
              Middleton, Donald W. (Self)
              Morgan, Veronica (Self and Mitchell & Morgan, LLP
              Rodriquez, John J. (Self)

HB 3028
    For:      Brogan, Frank C. (Port of Corpus Christi Authority;
                   Texas Ports Association)
    On:       Stagner, Steve (Texas Council of Engineering Companies)

HB 3030
    For:      Beveridge, Doug (Tx Land & Mineral Owners Association)
              Bowers, Richard (North Plains Groundwater Conservation
              Hofbauer, Donna (Self)
              Lenz, Carole (Harris County Commissioner Steve Radack
                   Precinct Three)
    On:       Hardee, Jackie (Tx Comm on Environmental Quality)

HB 3214
    For:      Berkel, Joseph A (River Place MUD)

HB 3229
    For:      Fieseler, Ronald G. (Blanco-Pedernales Groundwater
                   Conservation District)

HB 3537
    For:      Dorman, David (Mayor City of Melissa)
    Against:  Burke, John (Aqua Water Supply Corp.)
              Petersen, Ken (Texas Rural Water Association)

HB 3538
    For:      Dorman, David E. (City of Melissa, Mayor)
              Helsley, Thad (City of McKinney)
              Robinson, Lawrence W. (City of McKinney)
    Against:  Bryant, Leahmon F. (Texas Rural Water)
              Burke, John (Aqua Water Supply Corp)
              Knight, Allen (North Collin Water Supply)
              Loiselle, Donna (Gunter Rural Water Supply Corp.)
              Monson, Duke (North Collin WSC)
              Petersen, Ken (Texas Rural Water Assn.)
    On:       Stepherson, Angela (Texas Commission on Environmental

HB 3556
    For:      Holland, Scott (Sterling Co. Underground Water
                   Conservation District & Irion Co. Water
                   Conservation District)

HB 3559
    For:      Gunn, Wm. T. (Self and Gunn & Whittington Dev. Co. LTD,
              Horne, Ed (Self)
              Willatt, Mike (Self)

HB 3560
    For:      Gunn, Wm. T. (Self and Gunn & Whittington Dev. Co. LTD,
              Horne, Ed (Self)
              Willatt, Mike (Self)