Natural Resources Committee
May 21, 2003-8:00A

SB 1304
    For:      Lee, Donald (Texas Conference of Urban Counties)

SB 1362
    For:      Reneau, Kenneth (Angelina & Neches River Authority)
              Stover, John D. (Angelina & Neches River)

SB 1374
    For:      Rothe, Greg (San Antonio River Authority)
    Against:  Fairchild, Jack (San Marcos River Foundation)
              Hess, Myron (National Wildlife Federation)
              Kramer, Ken (Lone Star Chapter, Sierra Club)
              Levin, Ilan (San Marcos River Foundation)
              Wassenich, Dianne (San Marcos River Foundation)
              Wemple, Charles C. (Galveston Bay Foundation)

SB 1377
    For:      Barker, Randy L. (Hudspeth County UWCD #1)
    On:       Houston, Jace A. (Harris-Galveston Coastal Subsidence
              Sledge, Brian (C.L. Machinery, Inc.)
              Williams, C.E. (Panhandle Groundwater Conservation

SB 1377 Committee Substitute (Hardcastle)
    For:      Caroom, Doug (Self)
              Gilbert, Risher (Estate of Mike Lynch and Jack Lynch)
              Lynch, James (Self)

SB 1494
    For:      Bailey, Chuck (Bexar Metropolitan Water District)

SB 1633
    For:      Boerner, Bob (Self and Texas Water Quality Association)

SB 1888
    For:      Stover, John D. (Jasper & Newton Counties Commissioners)
    Against:  Ebner, Calvin E. (Self and South Newton Water Supply
              Stephenson, Eddie Jean (Self and South Newton Water
                   Supply Corp)

SB 1899
    For:      Stover, John D. (Pineywood GCD)

SB 1902
    For:      Mendez, David (Rio Grande Valley Partnership)

SB 1947
    For:      Sledge, Brian (King Ranch, Inc.)
    Against:  Tays, Sara K. (Exxon Mobil Corporation)