Natural Resources Committee
September 20, 2004-10:00A

The Edwards Aquifer
    On:       Alles, Richard (Self and Aqua)
              Arriaga, Jerry (Self)
              Barrera, Enrique (The City of San Antonio)
              Bergeron Perdue, Stephanie (The Texas Commission on
                   Environmental Quality)
              Boehme, Thomas (Self and Texas Farm Bureau)
              Butler, Susan (San Antonio Water System)
              Caldwell, Bobby (The Texas Commission on Environmental
              Cortez, Loyd (Alamo Group of the Sierra Club)
              Day, Jerry N. (Self and San Geronimo Valley)
              Ellis, Gregory M. (The Edwards Aquifer Authority)
              Guerra, Michael (The Real Estate Council of San Antonio)
              Halty, Scott (San Antonio Water System)
              Hernandez, Neil (Self and San Geronimo Valley)
              Hill, Kathy (Citizens to Protect the Greater Government
                   Canyon Area)
              Hoffmann, Larry (Regional Clean Air and Water Assn.)
              Langford, David K. (Self and Texas Wildlife Association)
              Leonhard, Doug (San Antonio Water System)
              Middleton, Gary (The Guadalupe Basin Coalition)
              Miller, Douglas (The Edwards Aquifer Authority)
              Millikin, Jay (Self and Comal County Commissioners
              Patterson, Kirk (Self)
              Peace, AnnaLisa (Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance)
              Rice, George (Self)
              Riley, Darby (Water Quality Task Force of the Edwards
                   Aquifer Authority)
              Ross, Loren (Self and Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance)
              Rothe, Gregory (San Antonio River Authority)
              Schindel, Geary (The Edwards Aquifer Authority)
              Taylor, Mark B. (South Central Texas Water Advisory
              Votteler, Todd (The Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority)
              Wassenich, Diane (Self and San Marcos River Foundation)
              West Jr., W.E. (Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority)