Regulated Industries Committee
May 3, 2004-1:00P

Interim Charge #3
    Against:  Gay, Geoffrey (CAPP/STAP)
              Pengidore, Carolyn (DFW Electric Consumer Coalition)
    On:       Hadden, Karen (Sustainable Energy and Economic
                   Development (SEED) Coalition)
              Mays, Sharron (Denton Municipal Electric/City of Denton)
              Smith, Tom (Public Citizen)

Interim Charge #5
    On:       Anderson, Robert (Texas Commercial Energy and Watts Law
                   Firm, LLP)
              Collier, Janet (Sunset Commission)
              Gay, Geoffery (CAPP/STAP)
              Hudson, Paul (Texas Public Utility Commission)
              Jones, Sam (Electric Reliabilty Council of Texas)
              McClellan, Suzi (Office of Public Utility Counsel)
              McCullough, Robert (Texas Commercial Energy)
              Noel, Thomas (Electric Reliability Council of Texas)
              Pemberton, Margaret (Electric Reliability Council of
              Smith, Tom (Public Citizen)

System Benefit Fund
    On:       Biedrzycki, Carol (Texas Ratepayers Organization to Save
              Zamora, Jorge (Self and Community Action Council of
                   South Texas)
  Registering, but not testifying:
    On:       Chapman, Randall (Texas Legal Services Center)