Infrastructure Development and Security Committee
February 17, 2003 -10:00A

SB 94

  Registering, but not testifying:
       For:       Lewis, Bill Publisher, The Keller Citizen (Mother's
                         Against Drunk Driving), Keller, TX
       On:        Parker, Angela Attorney - Director of Legal Staff
                         (Texas Dept. of Public Safety, Driver License
                         Division), Austin, TX

SB 204
       ON:        Baker, David Major - Traffic Law Enforcement (Texas
                         Department of Public Safety), Austin, TX

SB 249
       FOR:       Hayes, Jim CPA (Ret.) (Self), Beaumont, TX
       ON:        Behrens, P.E., Michael Exectuive Director (Texas
                         Department of Transportation), Austin, TX
                  Bob, Mathison Systems Analyst (Comptroller of Public
                         Accounts), Austin, TX
                  Heleman, John (Comptroller of Public Accounts),
                         Austin, TX