Infrastructure Development and Security Committee
April 13, 2004 - 9:00A

Charge 6
       ON:        Dube, Gerald LBB Analyst (Legislative Budget Board),
                         Austin, TX
                  Eckstein, Kathy Federal Funds Team Manager
                         (Legislative Budget Board), Austin, TX
                  Kimbrough, Jay Governor's Homeland Security Director
                         (Governor's Office), Austin, TX
                  Perrotta, Dr. Dennis Texas State Epidemiologist
                         (Texas Department of Health), Austin, TX
                  Pharr, Machelle Chief Financial Officer (Texas
                         Department of Health), Austin, TX
                  Ray, Jim Association Management (Texas Association
                         of Regional Councils), Austin, TX
                  Sanchez, Dr. Eduardo Commissioner of Health (Texas
                         Department of Health), Austin, TX
                  Todd, Robert Charles Director of Domestic
                         Preparedness (Texas Engineering Extension
                         Service (TEEX)), College Station, TX
                  Voights, Betty Executive Director (Capitol Area
                         Planning Council (CAPCO)), Austin, TX