Infrastructure Development and Security Committee
May 5, 2004 - 8:30A

Charge 2
       ON:        Coy, Donald Business Analyst (State Farm and
                         IICMVA), Bloomington, IL
                  Durden, David Director Government Relations (Texas
                         Department of Insurance), Austin, TX
                  Eberwine, David Database Consultant (Database
                         Interface Approach), Lucas, TX
                  Elder, Frank Assistant Chief (Department of Public
                         Safety), Austin, TX
                  Miller, Jonathan President (InsureNet), Atlanta, GA
                  Taylor Krier, Cyndi VP Texas Government Relations
                         (USAA), San Antonio, TX

  Providing written testimony:
       On:        Rogers, Johnnie B. (Insure-Rite), Austin, TX
                  Traeger, Douglas IT Lead System Analyst (USAA), San
                         Antonio, TX

Charge 3
       ON:        Craig, Mike Deputy Director (Texas Department of
                         Transportation- Vehicle Title and
                         Registration Divison), Austin, TX

Charge 5
       ON:        Nichols, Robert Transportation Commissioner (Texas
                         Department of Transportation), Austin, TX
                  Simmons, P.E., Steven E. Deputy Executive Director
                         (Texas Department of Transportation), Austin,